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Taishi Studios Films

"Man of 1001 Faces"  Released in 2019 Film

Celebrate the Mastery of Stage and Film Actor Michael McQuary. Find your Yes.

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"Legacy Spirit of the Black Panther" Released in 2016 Trailer

Many today think The Black Panther Party was some kind of Racist of terrorist organization. When in fact they were a service to the community providing breakfast programs, schools and health services. Theirs was a Spirit of Service.

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"Black Tie White Tie" Released in 2016 Film

Black Tie White Tie (extrapolated themes taken from the book with the same title) focuses on three significant historical methodologies: oral history, public documents, and material culture.

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"Optimistic Chaos" Released in 2013 Film

On January 3, 2012, award winning filmmaker Benjamin Meade and musician Danny Cox traveled to Haiti in an attempt to bring American Roots Music to a small village on the Northwest Coast.