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The Pushplay.vip Initiative Collaboration is a new concept in indie filmmaking. As times change and technology makes things more accessible, we must change with the times to be able to compete. As indie filmmakers, we do not have access to the big Hollywood budgets nor do we have $30 to $50 thousand lying around. So my partner and I came up with an idea that helps filmmakers premiere their films and receive 50% of the revenue raised. We accept both short films and features. Our goal is to get filmmakers to join and support each other each time a filmmakers has a premiere. Here is how it works:


1. Filmmakers opt in the Initiative by submitting their films for a two week premiere in our online theatre screenmyfilm.com . The only thing we ask is that you subscribe to the Roku app for $4.99. Customers can also view the premiere in the app as well.  Pushplay.vipRoku AppPushplay.vip Roku

2. Once you are in, you will receive a link to join our private Facebook page. Each time a premiere drops, a notification will be sent via the Line app so filmmakers can support all we ask is for each filmmakers to support the premieres. This way we create a collective where filmmakers can grow and raise money for new projects. 

3. Filmmakers set their price. We suggest $5.99 for shorts and $10.99 features. We have had filmmakers charge $20 for their features. If you think you can get it, go for it but be realistic. 

3. After the premiere, filmmakers will be paid 3 to 15 days after the premiere is over. 

At Pushplay.vip, we are trying to put the power back into the filmmaker's hands. You are in control of your films. Many of us love what we do but lets be honest, it is hard to raise the money to get projects done. We also want to grow so that we can also be able to financially help indie filmmakers get their projects done and viewed by the world.

Sign up now to be part of this ground breaking platform. Email us at [email protected] for more information and for a free demo of how the online theatre works. We have a chance to do something great while helping each other reach our goals.