Screening Room Showcase



We have many talented Independent Filmmakers doing good things. Taishi Studios wants you to see the work of these up and coming future filmmakers. The Screening Room Showcase will highlight 2 Independent Filmmakers every month. Five dollars at the door and snacks creates a friendly environment for conversation and fellowship. Independent film is a tough business and these artists put their Hearts and Souls into their work and they deserve to have the world see their work. The Screening Room Showcase will be hosted by Mary Jane Collins. So Get ready to see some good films! If you have a film you would like screened, please send Bio, Artwork and Headshot to


Screening Room Showcase Host Mary Jane Collins

Mary Jane Collns is an Internet Radio Personality Located in Kansas City, Missouri. She is also a writer for Mafia Magazine and a Recording Artist. She has been around the entertainment scene for over 10 years. She is also the Host of the forth coming webshow The MJ Live Show currently in production and being produced by Taishi Studios and The Labnificent Media Group.








May Showcase

May 27th 4pm-5:30pm

This month Taishi Studios will be Showcasing the works of Atlanta Filmmaker Tery Wilson and Kansas City Filmmaker Mike B. Rollen.

Film: Defending Daddy

Director: Tery WIlson


 Tery is a multi-award winning freelance cinematographer and editor based in Atlanta, Ga.  She started her own production company, IntrygueGraphics Media, and seriously can’t picture herself doing anything else. “Just having a camera in my hands is truly my passion” Tery says. The art and craft of creating a motion picture using natural lighting, cameras, and sound, is what makes this entire endeavor an absolute pleasure.




Film: Kansas City Murder Factory Act 1

Director: Mike B. Rollen

IMDB: Mike B. Rollen

Kansas City Murder Factory is a documentary film that explores the murder epidemic in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City Murder Factory is an unscripted experimental documentary told from the perspective of the victim. In the film both observational and traditional forms of filmmaking collide to expose Kansas City’s most taboo topic: Murder. This truly inspirational film shows the many hurdles and struggles of the victim’s families as they fight to get justice from a system, which manufactures injustice. The film also presents the many challenges of organizations and individuals trying to decrease
violent crime in Kansas City.




Director: Chris Williams

Films: Luther Von Shaft & Relentless Scoundrels

Facebook: Luther Von Shaft & Relentless Scoundrels

Christopher D’andre Williams was born June 19th 1991. He got bitten by the acting bug early and has continued to keep at it. Credits include HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, New York Raining music Video. He then got the filmmaking bug. He studied for an intensive year at the New York Film Academy. Since then he Wrote and directed award winning short “The Audition” as well as a Taratinoesc short “Relentless Scoundrels” which premiered at the Urban Action Showcase as well as Culver City Film Festival in Culver City California. Christopher inspirations are artists that go above and beyond and give their all in everything they do. Primary inspiration is Quentin Tarantino. Christopher recently wrote and directed a short film titled “Luther Von Shaft”. Christopher Williams proves he’s a force of talent to be reckoned with.


From Executive Producer Owen Ratliff

Film: Black Salt


Black Salt is an action film project based on the critically acclaimed comic book franchise. The story is an epic thriller merging the world of modern-day espionage and political intrigue with the ancient world of martial arts.


From Writer Gordon S. Williams

Film: The Example Website:

During a race riot in Beaumont, Texas in June 1943, Officer Miller Harvey, a white police officer is determined to protect and serve his city and his family.  Black business owner Carver Jefferson is hell bent on taking his family far away from the city as racial hostility has led to the destruction of his home and business.

After curfew while Beaumont is under martial law, Harvey, another white officer and Jefferson’s worlds collide at a road block.  Tensions explode on that hot summer’s night, forcing them to make decisions that will question their morals, loyalty and manhood.



Director: Wyatt Cagle

Writer: Gordon S. WIlliams

Producer: Kenneth Dupuis






Director: Chris Williams

Film: The Audition