Legacy Spirit of the Black Panthers

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14358988_1771984599743588_3624433289926833824_nLegacy is a film that deals with the true Spirit of the Black Panther Party which is service. The Story is told through the eyes of members from The Kansas City Chapter. The media paints a picture of a radical organization but they were an organization of service. They provided Schools, Breakfast Programs, Free Health Clinics and Self Defense Classes. They were teaching the community how to survive in a highly violent and racial climate. View trailer here





Black Tie White Tie



Black Tie White Tie deals with one man’s search for his family history. Black Tie White Tie focuses on three significant historical methodologies:  oral history, public documents, and material culture.  Oral histories, substantiated by primary sources such as public documents, placed the Elijah Reed (central character) story into historical context.  View trailer here










1243271_418290751610842_494520544_oOptimistic Chaos

On January 3, 2012, award winning filmmaker Benjamin Meade and musician Danny Cox traveled to Haiti in an attempt to bring American Roots Music to a small village on the Northwest Coast. View Trailer here









11150419_676888659084382_7934234537290494514_n“WOKE UP THIS MORNIN IN THE ARKANSAS DELTA” Directed by Benjamin Meade.

This quirky documentary film stems from the point of view that a filmmaker from Missouri travels with a crew from north to south in the Arkansas Delta with a fresh pair of eyes and discovers the humor, hardship, music & art that lies along the Mississippi River, largely ignored by the American people. 









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