BLOG ENTRY 4/15/2017

Lately I have had a lot of request for customers wanting a webseries and often times they really do not understand the costs. I had one potential client tell me they had a budget of $100.00 (go figure). Once I broke down the cost, they seemed to get upset. At first this annoyed me greatly but then I realized that there was a deeper problem. We seem to live in a time in which people really do not understand business. At one point I was thinking of just quitting because I got tired of hearing people complain about how much services cost. I have a small video production business. There is nothing cheap about what I do. Between Cameras, Computers, Programs and paying my guys, I just cannot work for free or take a loss. Back to our client that wanted the webseries, here is the breakdown and this is for a 5-7 min episode (per episode).

Crew: Cameraman/Sound ( $170.00) Producer/Director ($300.00) Editor ($240.00)

The above does not include the Color Correction, Rendering Time, Titling Sequences and Equipment etc. I try to keep costs down as much as possible, but I have bills and expenses to pay. So nowadays I always ask the client what is their budget for the project they are trying to get me to produce. Now imagine the above trying to do every week and those numbers are a half day rate. So I came up with a more cost effective way to shoot 3 or 4 episodes in a setting. But the truth is there is no cheap way to do it. Business owners try very hard to satisfy their customers and e take it personally when people ask why so much or can they get a discount. Just as we have to count the cost of doing business, clients need to count the cost as well. I now send potential clients a questionnaire so we both can be on the same page. So next time before you ask a business owner how much its going to cost, you should look at your budget and do some research so you can have a general idea of how much you will be spending. Sometimes the business owner has already cut you some slack.





BLOG ENTRY 4/24/2016


13015611_832165520223361_581473100306669479_nKansas City Kansas Community College showed our film “Black Tie White Tie” on April 19th 2016. We had a good turnout for both showings and many questions were asked about family history, genealogy and film making. KCKCC really rolled out the red carpet for us. They provided refreshments and invited their classes to the event. We wish to extend a big thank you to Barbra Clarke of the Intercultural Studies Program for her hard work putting this event together.


Blog Entry 2/27/2016


On February 23 2016 our film “Black Tie White Tie”  premiered at MCC Penn Valley Community College. MCC had two showings one at 11am and one at 6pm. This film was my first in the directors chair and I must say the turnout was great. MCC really rolled out the red carpet for us and showed us great support. JHXOR.AuSt.140Our Producer, Lyle Gibson was also excited about the showing. The film was a journey 6 years in the making. Going along on this journey as Mr. Gibson was tracing his family history was very enlightening. It made me want to look more into my own family. People who viewed the film became interested in their own family history.  This film showed that we all have a story within the American Story. With all the talk about racism and hatred between the races, this film  speaks to the connectivity we all share. In truth we are all of one family and that is the “Human Family!” So I urge all of you to look into your ancestral past and you just might find more in common than differences. The film can be purchased from our Taishi Studios store. You can also click the links below to learn more.

KC Live link:

Cass County Democrat Missourian paper article:






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